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2018 China Film and Television Conference is held in Athens and London

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

Chinese film & TV industry leaders are welcomed back to London for another year of China Film and Television Conference with a new stop in Athens.

Propeller TV organised the 3rd China TV and Film Conference 2017 on Monday 7th - Friday 11th May in Athens and London.The Chinese Film and Television Conference is Propeller TV’s annual event commissioned by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Radio, Film and Television, that showcases the best of Chinese film and TV to our UK and European audience. The Conference brings together industry experts from each country to share knowledge and promote partnerships.

With over 6,000 registered radio broadcasting and television companies in Beijing and 123 registered information networks, Beijing has no doubt become the center of creation, production and distribution in China. The event was created to engage and encourage communication between stakeholders, such as Chinese and British governments, production companies, investors and research organisations. The event focuses on creating a global outreach through a bilateral film co-production platform, form collaboration and promote cultural exchange in partnership and innovation between Beijing’s film industry and the world, this year focusing on Greece and the UK.

Director General of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Radio, Film Mr Yangshuo attend the Conferences in Athens in and London. He expressed “TV works and movies are important to the establishment of cultural links between Beijing and other countries and regions.” He also added “We believe the conference will foster broader and deeper collaborations in film and TV co-production, copyright protection, market development, sharing of technologies and talent training. It is a great contribution to the common prosperity in these industries for China and Britain.”

The London event was also attended by Madam Sue Bishop, Director of Creative, Cosumer and Sports at the Department of International Trade. Her speech highlighted “We believe that a strong industry is built from a skilled creative workforce and international collaboration is more successful when there is a common understanding of cultures, as well as business and working practices. As China's production infrastructure grows the UK stands ready to help.”

In London, delegates and UK industry representatives lead panel discussions on financing, market situations and talent sourcing of China UK film and TV co-production to share their insights and experience. Representatives had open discussions on film and TV co-productions, protection of intellectual property and creative film and TV talents. The roundtable event was opened by the UK release of Perfect Pictures’ film Let's Get Married followed by several high-rank speeches by officials on stage.

PTV continues to grow their presence in the digital broadcasting industry. Over the years, the conference has introduced about 100 films and TV works from China into the UK Andy Ye, Director of Propeller TV commented: “I believe 2018 promises to be the biggest and most exciting year yet for Chinese film & TV, underlining the conference growing a reputation as a key event in UK’s cultural calendar.

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